2021 Request for Proposal
Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Research, Monitoring, and Action
Budget and Leveraging


Applicants may include up to 15% of the total project cost for indirect project costs. Indirect costs are overhead, or administrative costs, that cannot be readily identified to a specific project or function but are actually incurred by an organization. Indirect costs include expenses, such as facilities fees/services and administrative time. Applicants are encouraged to waive indirect project costs or submit a lower rate of indirect project costs (less than 15%), where possible.


Generalized allowable budget categories that may be included on the budget form as well as justified within the budget narrative. 


Salaries, Wages, and Benefits: For each request, provide a position title and estimated budget.


Contracted Services: For services provided by a separate entity performing work, costs should be line itemed and should match the scope of work described in the application. Materials and supplies purchased and provided by the contractor, as well as contractor travel, should be documented here. Do not combine contract costs if more than one contractor is used. Federal Funds cannot be used to pay a federal agency or State Agencies other than Oregon. 


Materials and Supplies: Consumable items purchased and used during the project are documented here. Include expendable equipment with costs less than $5,000. 


Travel: Document funding needed to support field travel (based on current State of Oregon rates). Funds may also be used to pay for the travel of invited speakers or presenters to workshops or seminars. 


Equipment: Includes nonexpendable items with a per unit cost of $5,000 or more. Equipment purchased must be retained by Grantee after the grant closes, or request approval from the OOST to transfer the equipment to another entity. 


Other Direct Costs: Items that do not fit in the other budget categories, including but not limited to permit fees, registration costs, outreach costs, etc.


Total Indirect Cost: Percentage of total direct costs.

Please use this budget sheet template to document estimated project budget expenditures.


Applicants should clearly state how/if their proposed work will be leveraged with additional resources brought to the funding opportunity. Examples include providing specialized sampling equipment, providing education/outreach support, and/or augmenting existing studies. Leveraging is not required but is encouraged to maximize limited State resources. The submission of proposals for multiple projects can be used as one way for the project teams to demonstrate leveraging resources.