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2023 OregonBuys Solicitation

Oregon Ocean Science Trust Communications Consultant

The Oregon Department of State Lands has posted this opportunity, on behalf of the Oregon Ocean Science Trust, on the OregonBuys website.

The solicitation number if S-14100-00007456, and the proposal is due August 21, 2023 at noon Pacific Time (Note: This deadline has been extended to August 21 because the bid was inadvertently closed on the OregonBuys system). The single point of contact for this RFP is Lisa DeBruyckere, OOST Contract Administrator,, (503) 371-5939.

Pages from OOST-Communications Consultant-RFP.jpg

RFP Questions:
1. Do you have an incumbent communications consultant? No.

2. What is the budget for this project? $50,000 ($10K in Year 1 - 2023; $20K in Year 2 -2024; $20K in Year 3). There may be opportunities to increase these amounts as the new Development Fundraiser achieves targets.

3. Are the expectations to do the project in phases ? If yes, is there a strategy around it or is it something to be put in a proposal ?

There are no planned phases for the project. The initial amount of funding is dedicated toward initiating communications in the last few months of 2023, followed by increasing efforts in 2024 and 2025.

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