About the Oregon Ocean Science Trust

The 2013 Legislature established the Oregon Ocean Science Trust and Fund (ORS 196.565-570). The duties of the Trust are to:

  • Promote peer-reviewed, competitive research and monitoring that leads to increased knowledge and understanding of Oregon's ocean and coastal resources.

  • Promote innovative, collaborative, community-oriented, multi-institutional approaches to research and monitoring related to Oregon's ocean and coastal resources.

  • Enhance the state's capacity for peer-reviewed scientific ocean and coastal research.

  • Subject to available funding, establish and execute a competitive grant program to conduct research and monitoring related to Oregon's ocean and coastal resources.

The Department of State Lands is responsible for providing a facility and administrative support for the meetings of the Trust as needed. The Oregon Ocean Science Fund is established in the State Treasury.


The Trust is composed of five voting members appointed by the State Land Board, and two nonvoting members from the legislature (one Senator and one Representative). The voting members of the Trust are:

  • Executive Director Laura Anderson: Owner, Local Ocean Seafood and Commissioner, Former Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commissioner (Newport)

  • Krystyna Wolniakowski: Executive Director, Columbia River Gorge Commission and former Director, Northwest Region, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (Lake Oswego)

  • Steve Marx: Officer, US Oceans, Pacific, Pew Charitable Trusts (Portland)

  • Christine Moffitt: Former Professor in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Sciences at the University of Idaho, Member, Oregon Sea Grant Advisory Council and Oregon Invasive Species Council

  • Vacant position 

The two nonvoting members from the Legislature are: 

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Oregon Ocean Science Trust Priorities


  • ​Distribution and abundance of nearshore species and habitats

  • Species and habitat interactions and associations

  • Effects people have on nearshore resources and vice versa

  • Effects of climate change and OA on species and habitats and ecological function

2016 Oregon Ocean Science Summit Report