2021 Request for Proposal
Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia Research, Monitoring, and Action
Proposal Format and Submission

Applicants may submit an application for more than one project, but each must be submitted as an independent proposal. Applicants who submit more than one project will not receive preference consideration for award funding. Applicants must clearly articulate that they will obtain all needed research, collection, or other permits and approvals necessary from the State, federal agencies, and other entities that may have regulatory authority to collect samples, place equipment, or perform other actions at a given location. 


The main narrative for proposals should not exceed a maximum of 6 pages and must include the following sections: (1) Project Description and Scope; (2) Methods; (3) Data Dissemination and Management; (4) Outreach; (5) Relevance to the Oregon OAH Action Plan; and (6) Milestone Schedule. 


Project abstracts of no more than 350 words should be included on a separate title page that also includes project partners’ names, affiliations, contact information, total timeframe for project, and total cost. 


Up to 2 figures, tables, and/or maps can be provided separate from the main text of the proposal and should not exceed a total of two pages.


 A 1-page “Literature Cited / References” document can be provided and is not included in the 6-page maximum proposal length.


Project budget narratives should not exceed a maximum of 1-page and must include the following budget categories: (1) Salaries, Wages, and Benefits; (2) Contracted Services; (3) Materials and Supplies; (4) Travel; (5) Equipment; and (6) Other.  A separate budget form is also required to be submitted, and does not count toward the 1-page budget narrative. 


Applicants must also include a 1-page Curriculum Vitae for the Principal Investigator, as well as each of the listed project partners receiving funds.  


Conflict of Interest disclosure form(s) are required, one per member of the project team, to be submitted.


You are NOT eligible if the following apply: 

  • Current appointment to the OOST 

  • Current appointment to the OAH Council

You MAY have a conflict of interest if the following applies:

  • Past appointment to the OOST

  • Past appointment to the OAH Council


Applicants should email a single PDF file version of the proposal with all materials by the RFP deadline of December 21st, 2021 to: OOSTGrants@dsl.oregon.gov. UPDATE: Project proposals 4 and 5 due c.o.b. March 7, 2022.

Click here for an example of the sample grant agreement and State of Oregon Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form.