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Oregon Ocean Science Trust Development Fundraiser Contract Position

The deadline to submit a proposal is  September 15, 2023 at noon Pacific Time. The single point of contact for this RFP is Lisa DeBruyckere, OOST Contract Administrator,, (503) 371-5939.


The Oregon Ocean Science Trust (OOST) is seeking services from a Development Fundraiser to develop and implement a fundraising plan/strategy for the Oregon Ocean Science Trust. The estimated budget for this contract is $65,000 annually for three years.


RFP Announcement: AUGUST 14, 2023

Deadline for RFP Questions: AUGUST 31, 2023 (Note: Any questions submitted will be listed on this page along with the answers).

Proposal Due Date: SEPTEMBER 15, 2023

Issue of Notice to Intent to Award: OCTOBER 1, 2023

Project Start Date: NOVEMBER 15, 2023

Project Completion Date: December 1, 2026


The SPC for this RFP is Lisa DeBruyckere, (503) 371-5939,  Proposer shall direct all communications related to any provision of the RFP only to the SPC, whether about the technical requirements of the RFP, contractual requirements, the RFP process, or any other provision.



The OOST is seeking services from a development fundraiser (“Proposer”) to achieve OOST financial goals that will provide OOST with the resources to implement a $2-3 million annual funding competitive grant program to address Oregon’s ocean and coastal research priorities.

Proposers must have excellent written and verbal communications skills and a minimum of five years professional fundraising experience. Proposers must have an understanding of Oregon state agency government budgeting as well as experience working with the Oregon legislative budget process. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: contribute to the expansion and diversity of OOST’s funding portfolio by developing and implementing a fundraising plan for the OOST; work with OOST operational/program coordinator; coordinate and collaborate with OOST communications consultant to ensure the key components of interest to potential funders are shared broadly across OOST platforms (e.g., website, social media, one-pagers, etc.); identify a diversity of key potential funders to support OOST’s competitive grant program; engage with potential funders and develop and submit grant proposals on behalf of the OOST; monitor grant proposal submissions through to completion.


Overall performance metrics that will be used to evaluate the success of the development fundraiser include:

  1. Completion of a fundraising plan with specific deliverables and target financial goals, timeline, and performance metrics to evaluate success of implementation.

  2. Availability of $2-3 million annually for OOST competitive grant program to address Oregon’s ocean and coastal research priorities by July of 2026.



  • Proposer shall serve as the primary front-line fundraiser and development strategies for OOST. Tasks include:

    • Lead traditional fundraising activities.

    • Coordinate and collaborate with OOST Board, staff, Oregon Community Foundation, and contractors to implement broader communication campaigns designed to increase the appeal and presence of the OOST among donors, prospective donors, and the general public.

    • Create, grow, and maintain relationships and partnerships with stakeholders interested in supporting ocean and coastal research in Oregon and the OOST.

    • Promote, communicate, and help achieve OOST’s mission.

    • Lead fund development programs to meet budget and grantmaking goals.

    • Work with the Board, staff, and contractors to develop and implement an annual fund development plan as well as fundraising goals and strategies.

    • Identify, cultivate, secure, retain, and strengthen relationships with giving contributors, major donors, donor prospects, and other supporters.

    • Assure the timely submission of letters of inquiry, grant proposals, and grant reports.

    • Assure timely notice to Department of State Lands staff regarding grant proposals and award timelines.

    • Work with the OOST Chair, Board, staff, and contractors to maintain and strengthen a culture of philanthropy and the fulfillment of their fund development duties.

    • Provide development status summary and update reports quarterly.

    • Assist in the development of OOST marketing and promotional materials.

    • Oversee donor and gift record-keeping, maintenance of the donor database, gift acknowledgements, and gift processing.

    • Assist OOST Board, staff, and contractors with financial compliance, reporting, and auditing activities to ensure the financial integrity and viability of the OOST.

Other Services

  • Upon request, Proposer will provide services for additional development support related to OOST programs and activities.

  • In addition to negotiations over the tasks proposed in this RFP, the OOST reserves the right to

  • amend the resulting contract to include additional time and reasonably related services, dependent on need and approved budget, without conducting further solicitation activities.

  • All proposed development services and work will be subject to review and approval by the OOST and will become property of the OOST.

Qualified individuals should be able to demonstrate the following skills and experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree required; CFRE or ACFRE certification preferred.

  • At least five years professional fundraising experience; demonstrated experience raising funds and managing awards and donations from foundations, government agencies, corporations, major donors, and individual contributors. Experience with federal grants preferred.

  • Ability to set and meet deadlines.

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities with attention to detail.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills.

  • Proficient computer skills in Microsoft Office, fund development and donor database software.

  • Demonstrated commitment to the mission of the OOST.

  • Knowledge of and experiencing working on ocean and coastal issues preferred.

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and with a team.

Please submit answers to each of the following:

  1. Describe your capability to begin providing the requested services no later than November 1, 2023. Include an explanation about how much Proposer is willing and able to accommodate the level of work requested and scheduling and include any limitations.

  2. Provide a resume and references for each of Proposer’s representative(s) who will be performing the services set forth within this RFP. Include education, experience, availability, and the percentage of their effort that will be provided to the OOST. Provide information that demonstrates the individual’s:

    1. Knowledge and experience in development and fundraising.

    2. Knowledge, experience, and success developing and implementing fundraising plans.

    3. Track record in fundraising and development.

    4. Knowledge and experience related to Oregon ocean and coastal issues.

  3. Describe your approach to developing a fundraising plan that leads to an expansion and diversification of an organization’s financial portfolio.



Proposals must be received by 15 September 2023 on or before 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time. No Proposals will be accepted after this time. We are not responsible for any costs, or delays or difficulties in the transmission of any Proposal. Only electronic proposals sent by email are acceptable. Applicants should email a single PDF file version of the proposal with all materials. Proposals sent by fax, regular mail, and physical deliveries are not accepted. Proposal electronic files, when printed, must fit on 8 ½” x 11” sheets of paper.


Proposals must be organized in accordance with the list of scored criteria below and cannot exceed 10 pages, excluding the Cover Sheet and (Attachment A), (Attachment B), (Attachment C), (Attachment E), and (Attachment F).  OOST will consider the pages up to the allowable number overall and discard all pages in excess of the allowable number.

Conflict of Interest form(s) (Attachment A) are required to be submitted (one per member of the Proposer team). You are NOT eligible if you have a current appointment to the OOST. You MAY have a conflict of interest if you had an appointment to OOST in the past.

When submitting your proposal, please reference “OOST Development Fundraiser” in the email subject line. Proposals will be received only at the following email address:


Required Proposal Contents

Proposals must contain:

  • A Letter of Introduction not to exceed 1 page.

    • Provide a one-page personal Letter of Introduction that sets forth the following:

    • Name and contact information

    • Interest and qualifications in providing the RFP Services on behalf of the OOST.

    • A description of why you believe you are qualified.

    • Two examples of project approach, experience or expertise that sets you apart from others.

    • Key factors for success and failure, and how you will manage these.

  • Answers to the questions in the Qualifications section not to exceed 3 pages. 

  • Proposed methodology to achieve the deliverables described in the Scope of Work section  of this RFP not to exceed 3 pages.

    • Describe the methodology you would use to achieve the deliverables described in this RFP, the timeline for achieving those deliverables, the individuals and organizations you might engage, and the estimated amount of time to complete each task. Describe how you would go about achieving each of the deliverables.

  • Work product examples - no length limits.

    • Provide at least two examples of fundraising plans and illustrate your success in achieving the fundraising strategies within that plan.

    • Include a list of at least three fundraising “projects” completed during the past three years, each project with similarities to the requested services within this RFP, and completed by the Proposer(s) who will be performing the Services described in this RFP. Describe the size and scope of each of the projects, duration, the individual’s role or responsibility, and notable results of the work. “Projects” can be specific strategies within an overall fundraising plan, or a large project, such as a fundraising campaign.

  • A cost sheet that includes the total number of hours estimated for each task in the proposed methodology, cost per hour, and total cost.  Cost sheet not to exceed 1 page.

  • Resume for each member of the Proposer team (maximum 2 pages for each member of team)

  • Completed COI form – Attachment A (4 pages)

  • Completed Reference form – Attachment B (1 page)

  • Completed Proposer Information and Certification Sheet – Attachment C (2 pages) - Failure to demonstrate compliance with Oregon Tax Laws and sign the Proposer Information and Certification Sheet may result in a finding of non-Responsibility.

  • Completed Certified Disadvantaged Business Outreach Plan – Attachment E (2 pages)

  • Completed Responsibility Inquiry – Attachment F (3 pages)


Authorized Representative

Failure of the authorized representative to sign the Proposal may subject the Proposal to rejection by Agency.


SECTION 5: Evaluation Process and Award

Proposals received on time will be reviewed against the criteria described in this RFP. Proposals meeting the criteria will be forwarded to an evaluation committee that will independently score each Proposal according to the scored criteria set forth in Section 2.

The OOST may, at any time in its sole discretion, (a) provide notice to a Proposer of selection for Contract negotiation and possible award; (b) gather more information for evaluation; (c) provide notice to a Proposer(s) of non- selection; or (d) provide notification to Proposer(s) that the RFP is cancelled (and either that the RFP may be resolicited or that OOST intends to take no further action with respect to the RFP).

Information or issues revealed by a Proposer’s questions or Proposal, may, in OOST's sole discretion, trigger such modifications or further steps. If there are further steps beyond the initial Proposal and scoring, the scoring results from the first step and any subsequent step will be added together. OOST reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals for good cause if it is in the public interest and is not liable for any costs a Proposer incurs while preparing or presenting its Proposal or during further evaluation stages. OOST anticipates awarding a single contract to deliver the services needed. Preference may be given to proposers with experience in fundraising for nonprofit organizations as well as awareness of coastal and ocean science and research.



The OOST has a broad mandate to advance ocean conservation issues and other statewide ocean planning documents, for the benefit of all Oregonians. Embedded within these mandates are commitments to reach out and engage underserved and under-resourced people and communities who have not traditionally participated in ocean change issues in the past due to various barriers and perceptions, including, but not limited to, ethnicity, race, language, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, or other cultural, religious, or economic status, and other considerations as listed in the 2021 Oregon Climate Equity Blueprint.

Proposals will be evaluated by a Proposal Review Team consisting of members of the OOST advisory board, ocean science and community representatives, state government agency representatives, and individuals/entities with fundraising and state government budgeting experience.


Qualifications - 30 Points Maximum

Methodology – 30 Points Maximum

Work Product – 20 Points Maximum

Letters of Introduction – 10 Points Maximum

​​Cost – 10 Points Maximum


The Single Point of Contact (SPC) for this RFP is identified on the Cover Page, along with the SPC’s contact information. All inquiries, whether relating to the RFP process, administration, deadlines, award, or to the intent or technical aspects of the services must be submitted in writing by email to the SPC. All inquiries should reference the RFP number; identify Proposer’s name and contact information; and refer to the specific area of the RFP being questioned (i.e., page, section, and paragraph number if applicable).


All RFP questions must be received not later than 30 August 2023, 12:00 P.M. All questions and answers re: this RFP will be posted on the OOST website.



Any Proposal that is conditioned on OOST’s acceptance of any other terms and conditions or rights to negotiate may be rejected as non-responsive.

Supplemental Background Information

Senate Bill 737, enacted in the 2013 Oregon Legislative session, created the Oregon Ocean Science Trust (OOST). It’s five-member board, appointed by the State Land Board, was given mandates to:

  • Promote peer-reviewed, competitive research and monitoring that leads to increased knowledge and understanding of Oregon’s ocean and coastal resources;

  • Promote innovative, collaborative, community-oriented, multi-institutional approaches to research and monitoring related to Oregon’s ocean and coastal resources;

  • Enhance this state’s capacity for peer-reviewed scientific ocean and coastal research; and

  • Subject to available funding, establish and execute a competitive grant program to conduct research and monitoring related to Oregon’s ocean and coastal resources. In fiscal year 2022, the Arts Commission awarded $3.76 million to 255 arts organizations and 57 individual artists through its annual programs.


Ocean and coastal research projects funded by the OOST include:

  • The OOST helped coordinate and solicit $156,000 for a marine reserves assessment conducted by Dr. Wilson White at Oregon State University. The assessment was intended to determine 1) if Oregon’s marine reserves and associated marine protected areas were effectively designed and implemented to achieve their original goals, and 2) if the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife successfully executed the legislative mandates regarding reserve implementation.

  • In 2021, House Bill 3114 provided $1 million to support ocean acidification and hypoxia research. The OOST conducted a competitive Request for Proposal process and awarded funding for seven projects:

    • Intertidal ocean acidification monitoring in Oregon's marine reserves.

    • A subtidal ocean acidification and hypoxia monitoring network at Oregon marine reserves

    • Marine Science Center Climate Monitoring Station

    • Evaluating the interaction of water quality and eelgrass in Coos Bay, Oregon using a biophysical model

    • Science-based best management practices for co-management of Oregon submerged aquatic vegetation and shellfish.

    • Olympia oyster growth and survival with climate change: space for time field experiments

    • Oregon ocean acidification and hypoxia messaging campaign

  • In 2022, House Bill 5202 provided $1 million to support science and monitoring on nearshore keystone species, including sea otters, nearshore marine ecosystems, kelp and eelgrass habitat, and sequestration of blue carbon. The OOST conducted a competitive Request for Proposal process and awarded funding for six projects:

    • Seafloor mapping of nearshore habitats of the Rogue River Reef Complex

    • Kelp communities in transition: A spatial mosaic among changing populations of bull kelp, sea urchins, and sea stars within rocky reef habitats along the southern Oregon coast

    • The missing link: Quantifying juvenile dynamics of key commercially and recreationally important fishes along Oregon's nearshore

    • Do tipping points loom? Extending 20+ years of long-term monitoring to assess impacts of climate change on rocky shore macrophyte assemblages.

    • Trophic modeling of Oregon's nearshore reefs

    • Oregon nearshore data management, portals, and hubs assessment

In 2022, OOST launched a new website ( to share its mission, accomplishments, and progress in achieving its statutory mandates and vision. In 2023, OOST created a 5-year action plan, of which the concept to contract with a communications consultant, was incorporated.

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