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OOST Strategic Plan

2023 Ocean and Coastal Research Summit

Summit brochure and agenda


All presentations in one .pdf file.

Keynote - Dr. Liz Whiteman, Executive Director of the California Ocean Science Trust: "Science accelerating progress for a healthy coast and ocean"

Kate Sherman, Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and Pacific Marine & Estuarine Fish Habitat Partnership: "Perspectives on Oregon's Nearshore Spatial Data Gaps"

Jennifer Waldo, Oregon State University: "Applying message framing to persuasive ocean change communication"

Dr. Leif Rasmuson, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife: "Monitoring Oregon's nearshore fish for now and the future"

Dr. Francis Chan, Oregon State University and CIMERS: "What role for collaborative science in our changing ocean?"

Dr. Sara Hamilton, The Oregon Kelp Alliance: "Kelp Forests: More than Just Seaweed"

Lesley Merrick and Dr. Kaegan Scully-Engelmeyer, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality: "Translating Ocean Science to Policy Under the Clean Water Act: Information Needs and Opportunities for Collaboration"

Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, Oregon State University: "Oregon's area-based ocean management: Informing the future of a changing ocean"

Dr. Steve Rumrill, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife: "Climatic mischief and ecological misfortune: scoping the culprit and casualties in Oregon's nearshore rocky reef habitats"

Sea and Shore Solutions, LLC: "State of Oregon's Coastal and Ocean Science"

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Access the summit report by clicking on the graphic or clicking here.

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