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Our Partners

dsl logo

Oregon Department of State Lands

The Department of State Lands is responsible for providing a facility and administrative support for the meetings of the Trust as needed, and currently serves as the Trust’s fiduciary agent.

ocf logo

The Oregon Ocean Science Trust Fund of Oregon Community Foundation

odfw logo

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Marine Resources Program works with Oregon communities to sustain ocean and estuarine resources by enhancing understanding about fish, wildlife, and habitats, and our connections with them. The Marine Resources Program enacts policies and regulations to manage Oregon's marine resources, monitors and samples marine fishery populations, and conducts research and assessments on marine species and habitats.

osu logo

Oregon State University

Oregon's largest state university is an international public research university, and is one of three land, sea, space and sun grant universities in the United States.

surfrider foundation logo

Surfrider Foundation

The Foundation is a collection of activists, members, and chapters that work on issues and campaigns at the local and statewide levels to protect and enhance coastal and ocean resources.

Hatfield Marine Science Center logo

Hatfield Marine Science Center

Located in Newport, Oregon, the Hatfield Marine Science Center is Oregon State University's interdisciplinary, interagency marine science campus with a mission of improving scientific understanding through collaborative partnerships.

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