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Meet the Board Members of the Trust

The Trust is composed of five voting members appointed by the State Land Board, and two nonvoting members from the Legislature (one Senator and one Representative). The members of the Trust are:

OOST_LauraAnderson_2017 Local Ocean7_edi

Chair Laura Anderson

Founder, Local Ocean Seafoods

OOST_Krystyna (002).jpg

Krystyna Wolniakowski

Executive Director, Columbia River Gorge Commission

(Lake Oswego)


Steve Marx

Officer, US Oceans, Pacific, Pew Charitable Trusts

OOST_Moffitt Head Shot 2022.jpg

 Dr. Christine Moffitt

Member, Oregon Sea Grant Advisory Council


Representative David Gomberg

Non-voting member
(Central Coast)

OOSTDick Anderson 2021 16.jpg

Senator Dick Anderson

Non-voting member
(Lincoln City)


Dr. Karina Nielsen

Director, Oregon Sea Grant

Learn more about the Trust board members here.

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