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Our Mission

The Oregon Ocean Science Trust secures and distributes funding to promote ocean and coastal knowledge, research, and monitoring to ensure the sustainable use of Oregon's resources,
enhance coastal resilience, and support long-term ocean health for all Oregonians.

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Promote peer-reviewed science

The Trust promotes innovative and collaborative peer-reviewed research, especially projects that take community-oriented and multi-institutional approaches to understanding Oregon’s ocean.

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Support ocean and coastal research

We serve as the fiscal platform that connects researchers with competitive grants that support key science projects in coastal communities.


Encourage innovation and collaboration

The Trust has collaborated with over 50 Oregon scientists and policy makers to set ocean research and monitoring priorities to make sure that funds serve the highest needs for Oregon.

Research and Funding Priorities


Sea Life & 
Ocean Habitats

Research that seeks to understand species and habitat associations and interactions that exist in the nearshore to inform ocean health. Some of the research topics identified include: harmful algal blooms, food web relationships, the number of fish that survive to become part of a fishery, habitats, species-habitat associations, and ecosystem functions.

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People and the Ocean

Science focused on the effects people have on nearshore resources, as well as the impacts of nearshore resources on people and coastal communities. Some of the research topics identified include: how people effect the coast, pollution, fisheries, ecosystem services, and climate change.



Research that analyzes the effects of climate change and ocean acidification on species and their habitats, as well as how these key stressors will influence ecological function and species for nearshore habitats in the future.​

oregon beach
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